Revealing Youthful Radiance

PDRN (Salmon DNA)

What is PDRN?

PDRN, derived from DNA extracted from salmon soft roe, is a cell-regenerating DNA treatment that repairs damaged and aging skin.

Why Choose PDRN?

Discover the rejuvenating benefits of this revolutionary bioactive ingredient, leaving your complexion radiant and revitalized. It has been scientifically proven to promote self-healing, regeneration, and revitalization for long-lasting effects.

Skin Benefits of PDRN

High quality tissue regenerator

regenerate skin cells, rejuvenating and reversing signs of aging

Stimulate collagen production

boost collagen synthesis to firm sagging skin, resulting a tighter, more elastic appearance, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Enhance skin healing

accelerates skin’s natural healing process, activates cellular repair process, ideal for addressing wounds, scars, and other imperfections.

Improve skin texture

help to refine skin texture, leaving it smooth, soft, plump, and supple

Revitalized dull complexion

promote cell turnover, resulting a brighter and more radiant complexion.

Hydrate and nourish

protection against oxidative stress by preventing the production of free radicals from exposome, thus protecting skin cells against DNA and membrane damage

Clinical Studies

PDRN improves skin elasticity and suppleness by 50.5% after 8 days of application.
Niacinamide reduced the endothelin-1 protein level expressed by cultured keratinocytes, in the presence or absence of UVB exposure. In the absence of UVB, endothelin-1 protein levels decreased by ~60% after incubation with 0.1% niacinamide, for 24 hours. Exposure of cultured cells to 30mJ/cm2 UVB caused endothelin-1 levels to increase, with levels dropping slightly below baseline in the presence of 0.1% niacinamide.
Niacinamide maintains the skin microbiota balance by selectively inhibiting C. acnes, and little to no effect on the other two commensal species present, S. epidermidis and S. hominis

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