Bio Promed Comedone Essence is an effective treatment against blackhead, whitehead and blocked pores due to its ability to soften and remove the keratin – the protein that forms on the surface of comedones leaving the hardening pore-clogging impurities exposed to the surface of the skin. The enzyme papain, bromelain and Allantoin in the formula will then dissolve the hardening impurities in pores into a liquid form so that it can be discrete out during washing and pores will be tighten, leaving your skin look clean with poreless complexion.

  • Unclogged pores due to its exfoliation action by Salicylic Acid and lipid dissolving action by enzyme papain, bromelain and Allantoin
  • Pores tightening result
  • Able to control sebum secretion
  • Lighten freckles, acne spots and scars due to the presence of ezyme papain and bromelain

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