4 Reasons Why You Should Start Up OEM

Have you considered creating your own cosmetic OEM products in Malaysia? At Biocoslab, our mission is to help entrepreneurs like you to start your private label OEM skincare brand. There are countless of existing skincare products in the beauty market, so it is important to develop unique products while establishing a trustworthy brand. Let’s dive into some of the reasons and benefits of starting your own OEM product with a private label manufacturer.

Reason 1: Excellent product quality 

OEM offers high levels of customizability and support for you to design your desired skincare product that is able to meet market demands. As the name implies, original equipment manufacturers specialize in manufacturing brand new elements based on original designs which means they have the ability to build the required components from start to finish. Another value added benefit by OEM companies to ensure product quality is well-established communication with clients. As they work directly with clients, they could better deliver the requirements and formulation of specific skincare products while providing customizations along the process. Through these personal follow-ups with aesthetic manufacturers, clients can surely be more confident in the reliability of the final product quality.  

Reason 2: Efficient Production

Many have the misconception that manufacturing physical skincare OEM products requires long production times, but this may not be the case. OEM companies have already established a database of blueprints for required parts, hence they could start producing in a short amount of time. As they are also experts in factory management, they have the capital to invest in more advanced factory equipents to deliver highers efficiency in productions. While these companies specilaize in manufacturing and production lines, clients could have more time to focus on marketing the private label skincare brands. 

Reason 3: Low Cost

One of the most attractive factor when deciding to start your own private label skincare brand is its low cost and price. OEM companies are able to offer competitive pricings due to economies of scale. This refers to a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production. With its low cost and excellent quality, many first time entrepreneurs could easily fit their budget to start their own branded skincare business. With low cost of production, this also means that clients have more room to mark up their final product prices and even have more price advantages in the competitive beauty market.

Reason 4: Access to Support

In addition to ensuring quality of the skincare product, OEM companies offer clients the opportunity to communicate directly with engineers responsible for the design and manufacturing of your product. Any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding your skincare components could be discussed with engineers in order to deliver the best version of the product. Most OEM companies also offer warranties on the products so clients could have less concern on any posbbile defects.

In conclusion, working with original equipment manufacturers in the skincare industry to create your private label brand offers high return on investments as it is highly profitable and budget-friendly. If you wish to the enjoy the above four major benefits when starting your OEM business, Biocoslab Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is here to achieve your business goals. As a professional cosmetic product manufacturer in Malaysia, we support our clients through the entire process from concept to a finished good product. We also assist in sourcing and providing raw materials and develop unique product formulations for our clients. Contact us today and get a FREE quote on your project! 

Lastly, picking the right OEM partner is essential for the success of your business. Here at Biocoslab, as a professional cosmetic product manufacturer in Malaysia, we support our customers through the entire process from concept to a finished good product.

Our cosmetic solution services include
● Product & concept formulation
● Component packaging design & engineering
● Packaging design
● Full-service manufacturing in the US, Asia & Europe.

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